How do you prepare for a sibo test?

Whether you are doing a hydrogen, hydrogen-methane, lactose or fructose intolerance test, you need to prepare your digestive system for the test. The preparation procedure involves eliminating factors that affect the test result, e.g. the use of antibiotics modifies the composition of the gut microbiota. To prepare well for the test carefully apply the following recommendations:

One month before the test:

do not use antibiotics (furazolidone, nifuroxazide, bismuth preparations, xifaxan)
do not undergo colonoscopy, fluoroscopy

One week before the examination:

do not take probiotics and prebiotics
antibacterial herbs (e.g. oregano oil)
in consultation with your doctor, avoid proton pump inhibitors PPIs and H2-receptor antagonists (e.g. polprazole, omeoproazole)
do not take prokinetic preparations (Prokit, Tribux)
do not take high doses of magnesium and vitamin C

3 days before the examination:

do not consume stomach drops, betaine HCl, apple cider vinegar
do not take laxatives, e.g. lactulose
do not take digestive enzymes
Do not take fructose supplements

1-3 days before the examination:

if you have diarrhoea or normal stools, follow a diet for 1-1.5 days
if you are constipated, follow a 2-3 day diet
you can only eat non-fermentable foods such as:
meat, fish, seafood, eggs
still water
rice in small quantities
fats (oil, oil, lactose-free butter)
spices only pepper, salt
do not eat fermenting products such as:
cereal products (bread, rolls, pasta, groats)
dairy products and milk with lactose
juices and fruit preparations
Nuts, seeds

What could be a sample menu 1-3 days before the examination?

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with ham in butter only, no vegetables or bread
Lunch: Grilled chicken with some basmati or jasmine rice
Dinner: Steamed fish
During the day you can sip pure still water, weak tea and coffee without sugar or milk

12 hours before the test:

do not take any food except pure still water
do not smoke
do not chew gum

On the day of the test:

get up about an hour before the test
drink a glass of clear, non-carbonated water to aid peristalsis
brush your teeth with toothpaste without xylitol
you may use an antiseptic mouthwash
if you wear dentures, do not use denture adhesive
do not do any physical exercise
sit in one place, do not lie down, do not sleep
Don’t chew gum or eat any food
do not take any medication, you may take medication after the examination
you may take a book to read, as the examination will last 3 hours